Improve Performance Through Belief


Do Your Team Members Believe They Can Improve?

An insightful message from Carol Dweck in this TED talk about the powerful connection between believing we can solve a problem and solving that problem in the future.

Carol talks through the power of “not yet” and its application as a measure to grade students in a school. She highlights the positive impact that praising effort over outcome had on the students’ engagement in continued learning.

As Carol says, “not yet” primes the individual to become a continual learner where their ability to achieve is only limited by their own belief. It allows exploration and opportunity for growth and development.

How interesting the impact, the phrasing and growth mindset can have on someones’ ability to achieve.

It made me think about how we could apply this to the workplace and where we are already doing this. Please have a listen to the talk and share your thoughts.


How could we use this insight to support our team members? Are we doing this already?