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How to reduce stress? Build Resilience

Building Resilience Improves Your Response To Stress

In this article, published in 2018, Ama Marston and Stephanie Marston discuss the link between resilience and how stress is managed.

According to the International Labour Organisation, workers in developed and developing countries are facing increased strain at work.

This article focuses on building your individual and internal resilience which in turn will be better equip you to handle stress.

The key take outs for me were:

1.    Reframe your perception of stress; how can you better use the energy that is created?

2.    Take time to understand what you can control and let go of what you can’t

3.    Identify the source or root cause of the stress to help in identifying ways to alleviate or avoid stress in the future

4.    Link the stress to learning; what can you learn from this situation?

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