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What is the cost of poor hiring decisions?

The cost of a poor hiring decision runs further than just a significant revenue loss. These decisions impact the culture, performance, and productivity within a team.

If you want to get a better understanding of how to manage these risks and implement mitigation strategies through your recruitment process, contact our Management Consultant Kate Palu on 07 3231 6500

APRG Recruitment and Consulting

Founded in 2004, APRG set out to be a fresh and innovative alternative to traditional recruitment practices.  Today we have evolved into a consulting organisation specialising in full service HR Solutions, with expertise extending beyond recruitment, talent management and workforce solutions to Business consulting providing professional value that delivers a performance culture aligned with business strategy.

APRG has a team of professional management consultants, passionate about people and results.  With backgrounds in Psychology, Marketing, Leadership, Finance, Human Resources, Training and Operations the team have the depth and breadth to provide significant support to their clients.

The APRG consultants, having worked throughout their careers to deliver success across a range of industries, organisations and countries are united by a common purpose and passion to support businesses to realise their goals through their people.

The heart of the business is providing solutions that deliver sustainable change for both individuals and businesses.

The APRG service delivery team work with clients to deliver an exceptional recruitment service. Recruitment services provided include permanent, temporary and contract. We specialise in the banking and financial industry, as well as local government and regulatory agencies.

Please call our team on 3231 6500 to discuss how we can help your business with your recruitment needs.